Vyakriti aims to provide a dais where the veterans from the industry will interact and reflect with the budding managers on the recent trends and developments in the domain of IT and Analytics. The Conclave aims to provide the student fraternity at IIM Amritsar with a holistic view of how a cohesive and competitive market responds dynamically to varying conditions. The Conclave would focus on the critical aspect of IT and Analytics - "To GPT, or not to GPT: Managers' Dilemmas in Mastering Skills" This theme will explore the challenges and opportunities businesses face due to the adoption and innovations in the field of AI. It also evolves around the new concept of responsible Al to better empower employees and businesses.

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Theme: "To GPT, or not to GPT: Managers' Dilemmas in Mastering Skills. "

In the dynamic landscape of AI and skill development, managers face a pivotal decision: to leverage AI's potential, exemplified by GPT, or uphold traditional skill mastery. This dilemma demands balancing AI's efficiencies with the unique human qualities that define expertise. Managers must integrate AI as a skill amplifier while preserving essential human attributes, navigating ethical concerns, and guiding teams toward a future where AI enhances skill development without replacing it. Managers should proactively consider the pertinent skills and anticipate the emergence of novel job roles that will evolve in response to the increasing integration of GPT and similar AI technologies. This strategic approach underscores managers' role in shaping a harmonious coexistence of AI and human expertise, positioning individuals and organizations for success in an AI-driven era. The discussion also enables business students to comprehend the essential skills necessary for achieving excellence in a future shaped by GPT and similar AI advancements.

  • Dr. Renu Rajani, Senior IT Industry leader & Book Author
  • Mr. Pushkal Tenjerla, Director - IT & CISO, CMS Info Systems
  • Mr. Shyam Kerkar, Global Head - Incubation and Acceleration, Partner Ecosystems & Alliances, TATA Consultancy Services
  • Mr. Anand Sundaram, Head - Retail Liabilities Analytics, Data & Analytics, IDFC FIRST BANK
  • Mr. Suresh Kumar Reddy, Chief Data & Analytics Officer & Intelligent Automation Leader, GE Vernova
  • Mr. Rahul Bharde, SVP, Head of Analytics & Insights, Jubilant Foodworks