Aarohan 2022


It is easy to give up and pass on responsibilities, but it is not easy to face challenges Everyone knows the leader when they become successful, but no one knows the story behind that success. These leaders become our role models, but their stories give others the strength to keep going in their lives. "AAROHAN" — the Leadership Summit of I IM Amritsar aims to provide a dais where industry veterans will interact and reflect with the budding managers on their roadways to success and what kept them pushing despite the odds. This inaugural summit will be conducted to shed light on how managers can turn into future leaders by not only owning the responsibility but sharing the credit and taking everyone along.

The summit aims to provide the student fraternity at IIM Amritsar with a holistic view of how a manager can handle different situations to respond to a cohesive and competitive and lead market with varying conditions. This year’s theme will be “Rise Like a Phoenix”, focusing on how the industries took up the challenge posed by the pandemic and evolved themselves not only to survive their market but to reinvent their services to serve the people better.

AAROHAN Brochure 2022


Theme: “Rise Like a Phoenix”

The pandemic has hit India hard, and all the industries have suffered blows because of it. The Indian economy has survived several natural calamities like earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, and cyclones, but a situation like this was never presented before the industrialists of independent India. Yet, they have not only shown resistance but have risen like a Phoenix from the ashes to serve their country and help the country tide away from this challenging situation. There was a time when we used to look at the world to create a piece of technology and then wait for our turn to get a hold of it. But now, the situation has changed as the dynamic leaders of our society have come up with solutions that are helping the world.

The theme aims to capture the will and grit that managers need to display in their careers to surpass the difficult situations faced during their careers and ultimately succeed.

  • Ms. Aradhika Mehta, CMO, Ex Lenskart.com
  • Mr. Bipul Chandra, Managing Director, Ducati India Pvt Ltd
  • Ms. Seema Nayak, Chief Compliance Officer, NCDEX
  • Mr. Lalit Agarwal, Founder and Managing Director, V Mart Retail Limited