Computer Centre

The academics at IIM Amritsar leverages heavily on the use of modern Information Technology in its design and delivery. Hence at IIM Amritsar, Information technology acts not only as of the critical infrastructure needed for supporting modern academic needs but also as a central component of the academic process itself. Information technology in the academic activities at IIM Amritsar includes different computers and peripheral devices, a local area network, the global information network and the software and applications that make it possible to utilize these resources. These facilities and services have been improved regularly.

Computer Centre has built and is building IT Infrastructure with a focus on high availability, scalability, mobility, security, performance, automation, lower TCO and ease of management. The goal is to create a digitally smart campus where applications/information can be run/accessed securely 24 x7 from anywhere and from any device at an acceptable speed and where all campus resources can be used optimally with the use of latest tools & technologies.

IIM Amritsar provides distributed and clustered computing across the campus through a wired backbone running across the campus. The various nodes are interconnected through a 6 core SMF Gigabit Fibre Optic backbone with 250 Mbps + 150 Mbps bandwidth. The connectivity to Desktops is using CAT 6UTP cable ensuring a dedicated 100 Mbps bandwidth at the desktop level. The computer centre acts as the main hub of the network and hosts a layer 3 backbone switch. The workgroup switches are located in the respective buildings. The entire campus is Wi-Fi enabled.

The Computer Centre (CC) forms the central hub of all the IT and Computing facilities at IIM Amritsar, which include powerful computers for providing support for diverse computing requirements, Local and Wide Area Networks for providing access to bibliographic databases, and archives for rapid retrieval of relevant information, and for updating and dissemination of academic and research material. The IT setup at IIM Amritsar comprises a multi-layered architecture, the lowest layer of which is made up of personal computers, and workstations. The next layer consists of File servers and Database servers. The third layer consists of the Web server, Email server and other high-end servers/computers required for high resources demanding tasks. All the buildings in the campus are part of the campus LAN and all the services available on the LAN can be accessed from any node. Since the entire campus is Wi-Fi enabled, all the services can be accessed anywhere in the campus. There are more than 50 multimedia personal computers connected over the campus LAN under some of the latest Network Operating Systems running on some of the latest high-end Servers.

Network printing facility is available on a wide variety of printers such as Mono Laser and Colour Laser. All these printers can be shared in a networked environment. Other equipment available in the centre includes DVD Writers, Scanners, Digital Camera.

An environment of a wide variety of operating systems such as Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 2008, 2012 Server has been established at IIM Amritsar to make students familiar with the latest operating systems. A wide range of latest software tools and office automation packages such as SPSS, MS-Office, MS-Project, Eviews etc. have been made available for users.