The program covers the entire MBA curriculum offered by IIM Amritsar. Courses normally covered in the 1st year of MBA at IIM Amritsar will be covered in Semesters 5-8 of the B.Tech. program through lectures in hybrid mode. 


Courses – Semester 5

Courses – Semester 6

Financial Accounting

Macro Economics and Policy

Managerial Economics

Business Statistics


Fundamentals of Marketing


Individual Behavior in Organizations



Courses – Semester 7

Courses – Semester 8

Business Computing

Operations Research

Essentials of Business Communication

Creating and Sustaining Effective Teams

HR Planning and Talent Acquisition

Talent Management and Development

Foundations of Finance

Emerging IT Technologies

Management Accounting

Management Information System

Advanced Marketing Management

Business Research Methods

Fundamentals of Operations Management

Corporate Finance


Process Planning in Operations Management


Organization Structure and Processes

Courses in 5th Year

In the final year of the IBM program, students are expected to take a minimum of 16 units and a maximum of 18 units of electives divided over three terms. In addition to the above the students will be required to take the following core courses:

Core Courses in 5th Year

Applications of Business Communication

Business Law/Legal Aspects of Business

Strategic Management

Social Involvement Project