About the PhD program

The doctoral program at IIM Amritsar is aimed at producing high quality researchers and effective management teachers. The program will train participants to adopt a scientific approach to study phenomenon of interest to them and to disseminate this knowledge through scientific publications, teaching, and organizational interventions. Doctoral students pursue their program in the following areas of specialization:

  • Economics & Public Policy
  • Finance, Accounting & Control
  • IT & Computational Systems
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Organizational Behavior & Human Resources Management
  • Quantitative Methods & Operations Management
  • Strategic Management

Program Structure

The program structure includes compulsory course work, comprehensive examination, thesis proposal, and doctoral level research (including thesis work). During the first two years of the program, as part of the compulsory coursework, doctoral students study foundation level and doctoral level courses, including research methodology courses. After completing the second-year course work, doctoral students take the comprehensive examination. The comprehensive examination tests whether the doctoral student has obtained the satisfactory knowledge in respective field of specialization (including research methodology). It may consist of written and oral examination. After successful completion of the mandatory course work and comprehensive examination, doctoral students undertake their research work, supervised by a thesis advisory committee.
Financial Assistance
IIM Amritsar provides limited financial assistance to its doctoral students including monthly fellowship, annual contingency grant, and research grant to attend conferences / workshops. The students are also provided with the medical insurance in line with the institute’s student welfare policy.