Gender Sensitization or GCell at IIM-Amritsar is dedicated to maintaining the sanctity of the holy institute and ensuring an environment that is free from gender abuse, harassment, intimidation, fear, and discrimination. The institute stands strong with all forms of gender equality and the GCell ensures the same by acting as a bridge between the students and the administration regarding any issue related to gender sensitization. The purview of the cell is limited not just to the staff, faculty, and students of the institute, but also covers any third-party members that are associated with the Institute. Here at IIM-Amritsar, we believe that a manager should be empathetic towards others and must facilitate a better, safer, and more liberal environment. The institute has a zero-tolerance attitude towards any kind of discrimination and gender stereotyping, and the GCell contributes to ensuring the same by keeping itself aligned with guidelines given by the honourable Supreme Court.

Senior Gender Sensitization Cell

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Deepasha Goyal

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Akshat Kumar Sonker

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Vedansh Sharma