Everybody laughs the same in every language because laughter is a universal connection.

MBA Students are constantly preoccupied with tasks, assignments, and other activities, and as a result, the majority of them are stressed. The Laughter Cell at IIM Amritsar will allow students to forget their stress and immerse themselves in humour. We are here to spread joy, laughter, and smiles. The cell's primary focus will be on providing a platform that will serve as an icebreaker between batches and as a medicine for everyone, not just students.

The Laughter Cell plans to carry out various activities such as stand-up comedy, POMEDY (poetry with humour) competitions, storytelling, and much more. We also aim to provide a platform for people with a sense of humour to showcase their talents and help their fellow mates unburden their minds. We are for and by everyone. 

Laughter Cell: Since forever, till Eternity

Senior Laughter Cell

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Abhishek Bharti

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Siddhartha Kumar Singh

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Biplob Das