Vyakriti’22 aims to provide a dias where the veterans from the industry will, interact and reflect with the budding managers on the recent trends and developments in the domain of IT and Analytics. The Conclave aims to provide the student fraternity at IIM Amritsar with a holistic view of how a cohesive and competitive market responds dynamically to varying conditions. This year's panel discussions will be centered on the continuous innovation of AI in various industries and will be conducted offline.

The Conclave would focus on the critical aspect of IT and Analytics - "Innovating with Conscience: Designing and Deploying Responsible AI". This theme will explore the challenges and opportunities businesses face due to the adoption and innovations in the field of AI. It also evolves around the new concept of responsible AI to better empower employees and businesses.

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Theme: "Innovating with Conscience: Designing and Deploying Responsible AI"

AI adoption in India is on the rise with firms moving to Al-enabled solutions to automate processes and simplify operations. At the same time, there is a rising concern about the lack of accountability of Al-enabled systems and declining consumer trust in these applications. Keeping these trends in mind, experts are now talking about responsible AI, which is defined as the practice of designing, developing, and deploying AI with good intention to empower employees and businesses, and fairly impact customers and society—allowing companies to engender trust and scale AI with confidence.

  • Dr. Swati Jain, Ph.D., Vice President, EXL
  • Mr. Satyamoy Chatterjee, Executive Vice President, Analyttica Datalab Inc.
  • Mr. Pradeepta Mishra, Director of Artificial Intelligence Fosfor
  • Mr. Phaneendra Durgam, VP & Head, Analytics, Cholamandalam Investment & Finance Company Ltd.
  • Mr. Pradeep Saini, Vice President, APMEA (Asia Pacific, ANZ, Japan, India, Middle East & Africa) Cloud & Infrastructure Services, Wipro
  • Mr. Subhra Datta, Ph.D., Head Business Intelligence and Analytics, Tata Motors Finance