Vaani - The Literary and Public Speaking Club

"Vaani, the public speaking and literary club of IIM Amritsar is a platform for students to become effective communicators. Here, students hone their interpersonal skills, enhance time management ability, and mitigate their stage fright. Besides equipping our peers with communication skills, the club also makes sure that they have a knack over literary aspects as well. Vaani actively engages with its audience through means of literary quizzes, speech analysis, and poetries to develop a culture of literature.

Throughout the year, Vaani conducts various events to enhance the confidence of students for facing a larger audience. Some of its major events include- Vaagmita (Speech Competition), Aparajita (Debate Competition), Vakta (Case-based boardroom discussion) and War of Words (Just a minute challenge).The club also has two flagship monthly series- Abhivyakti (Speaker of the Month) and Abhibhashan (Speech analysis blog). In Abhivyakti our peers get a unique opportunity to deliver a speech on topics relevant to B-school aspirants. On the other hand, in Abhibhashan they drill deep into the history to search for iconic speeches and then analyze to come up with takeaways that could help prospective speakers.Apart from these initiatives, Vaani also conducts regular guest lectures and workshops in the field of Public Speaking and Literature to impart valuable insights to the students. The club strongly believes in the idea of fun-based learning and hence regularly comes up with innovative ideas during the weekly members' meet like Picture Talk, Word Stories, Open-Mics, Panel Discussions, etc.

Vaani provides its members with various opportunities to express themselves by sharing their creations in the form of stories, poems, tiny tales, etc"

Senior Vaani (Literary & Public Speaking club)

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Divyansh Goel

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Aliya Zareen

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Aviral Goel