ABC - The Analytics and Business Computing Club

Increasing amounts of data is being generated at a pace that's hard to fathom and the ability to make sense of such data is of paramount importance for businesses; It helps them derive and act on insights, make better and quick decisions, bring in new or improved products and services and reduce costs.

Keeping this in mind, ABC, the analytics and business computing club of IIM Amritsar, seeks to facilitate students' learning and development in data analytics by building an active community of students and faculty that are passionate about data analytics. ABC will act as the premier internal organization for conducting all analytics related events on campus. The club aims to enhance knowledge of business and data analytics by way of knowledge sharing sessions, workshops, quizzes, simulation-based events, case study competitions etc. We will also focus on offering various opportunities to members and students to put their knowledge of analytics to real world applications. The club will also help in providing the students of IIM Amritsar various opportunities for industry interaction and networking with experts and companies in data analytics. In addition to this, the club will also organize various events where students will get the opportunity to compete with students from other top B schools. We believe that accomplishing our objective will help us achieve the broader aim of further contributing to our institute's progress.

Senior ABC - The Analytics and Business Computing Club

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