FEC - Finance and Economics Club of IIM Amritsar aims to provide students with an enriching learning experience in the world of Finance by organising numerous interactive events. At FEC, we are passionate about everything from Stock markets and Derivatives to Microfinance and Behavioural Economics.

Guest Talks: FEC is regularly organising industry guest lectures and workshops to give students more practical exposure. In the past, FEC has hosted CFOs and senior management from the companies like Wellington Management Singapore, CLSA Hong Kong, Wells Fargo, Deutsche Bank, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Golden Investment Fund (GIF): FEC’s latest addition to its array of offerings, is a student managed investment fund comprising of experts in the field of F&O and intraday trading. GIF team releases weekly company reports and monthly fact sheet of its portfolio under management.

Starry Nights: FEC is known for its trademark "Starry Nights" sessions where members share their knowledge and experience in an informal setting. Our weekly Fin-League quizzes also put their business acumen to the test and helps keep their minds sharp and ready while fostering a competitive environment.

Pariprekshya: From 2017, FEC, in collaboration with the Industry Interaction Cell, has been successfully organising IIM Amritsar's maiden Finance and Marketing Conclave where eminent industry experts share their view and experience.

Vitta-Artha: our half yearly magazine provides insightful and informative articles and opinion pieces which facilitate an exchange of ideas. We also organise various national-level competitions in the field of equity research and stock market trading etc.

AArunya: FEC organises two events as a part of AArunya, the annual college fest. Insight Out, a valuation competition and Pit Trading, a case based trading competition.

Our club mentors its members through their journey at IIM Amritsar by helping them harness their potential and enthusiasm and guiding them at every turn. From providing advice about additional certifications and online courses to helping them with subject choices and ultimately polishing their skills which lead to brighter career opportunities.

Join us as we unravel and demystify the complexities of the world of finance.

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Senior FEC (Finance and Economics)

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Somnil Dutta

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Atharva Pande

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Utkarsh Jhawar

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Jagana Bharadwaj

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Anuradha Sahu


Junior FEC (Finance and Economics)

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Satwik Satapathy

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Sanjeet Kamath

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Parth Patel

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Parth Singhal

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Aniket Chatterjee