Pariprekshya aims to provide a dais where the veterans from the industry will interact and reflect with the budding managers on the recent trends and developments in the domain of Finance and Marketing. The Conclave aims to provide the student fraternity at IIM Amritsar with a holistic view of how a cohesive and competitive market responds dynamically to varying conditions.

The first day of the panel discussion of the Conclave would focus on a critical aspect in the domain of Finance - "Rebuilding and Expanding M&A deals in the post-pandemic world". This theme will explore how the post-pandemic world has influenced the decisions of M&A for organizations and how strategically important these decisions have proved to be for them.

The second day of the panel discussion of the Conclave would focus on a critical aspect in the domain of Marketing - "Omnichannel Presence - Driving Businesses Towards Success". This theme aims to explain how omnichannel is the way for organizations to improve their customer engagement and how mastering it can provide a flawless customer experience across all channels.


Finance Panel 1- Theme

Rebuilding and expanding M&A deals in the post-pandemic world”

High valuations with a favorable deal financing environment during and after the pandemic have seen a wave of consolidation and new capabilities. Fiercer competition, broader regulatory scrutiny, and other considerations have made deals more complex. M&A teams are reevaluating M&A's link to strategy. While on the other side, divestiture volume declined as many companies divested their non-core businesses to refocus on strategic priorities.

  • Mr. Vikas Ralhan- CF0 of LocoNav
  • Mr. Raghupati Mishra- Group CFO of Liberty house group of India
  • Mr. Venkatraman G S- Senior VP & CFO of Subex
  • Mr. Nitin Parekh Chief Financial Officer, Cadila Healthcare Limited
  • Mr. Sambasivan G- Chief Financial Officer, Tata Sky Ltd
  • Mrs. Praveena Kala- Ex Banker, Independent Director with Companies, Strategic Advisor with Salesforce

Marketing Panel 2- Theme

“Omnichannel presence: driving business towards success”

We know how rapidly the internet's penetration increases; customers can now interact with brands at various touch-points during their decision journey. At each point of interaction, the customers expect the same engagement from the brand's side. Before the covid 19 outbreak, the customer's buying behavior was seen to be a mix of online and offline modes. However, the pandemic caused a massive change in this behavior, and the customers were shifting from offline to online channels. This change can be attributed to the convenience and the safety that is associated with the channel.

Brands are now rapidly trying to shift online, but mastering the mix of online and offline channels is vital. The omnichannel marketing strategy helps brands to provide a flawless customer experience across all channels. It also allows brands to build long-term relations with customers and easily track and analyze their purchase patterns.

  • Mr. Alok Saraogi- SVP & Head of Marketing of TVS Automobile Solutions Pvt Ltd
  • Mr. Amit Shah- CMO of Zycus
  • Mr. Deb Gooha- CMO of Mpay Global Payments
  • Ms. Ruchika Gupta- CMO of Luminous Power Technologies
  • Mrs. Deepali Naair- Chief Marketing Officer IBM India & South Asia
  • Mr. Ritesh Ghosal- Start-Up Adventurer & Ex Chief Marketing Officer
  • Mr. Praveen Kumar Gupta- Chairman, Utkarsh Small Finance Bank Ltd and Former MD,SBI