Written Communication for HPCL Officials

Written Communication is integral to the functioning and performance of business enterprises. Managers and business leaders are entrusted with disseminating clear, compelling, and cogent communication to internal and external stakeholders in the organization. However, this can be a challenging endeavor as nuances and dynamics of written communication are very context-centric across a wide spectrum of business communication objectives.
Understanding the relevance of this and considering the current scenario, IIM Amritsar has curated the Management Development Program (MDP) on Written Communication for HPCL officers. The program was offered in virtual mode from 20 th Nov to 24 th Dec 2021. The program primarily focused on enhancing the awareness of written communication nuances along with developing the desired competencies in business scenarios.
The program included a variety of engaging and thought-provoking sessions which will resulted in the participants imbibing skills for impactful and result-oriented business writing. All of these sessions were facilitated by distinguished faculty members of IIM Amritsar who used a blended pedagogy combining the three elements of experiential learning, concept discussions and guided instruction.