Achieving Excellence in Sales Leadership for HPCL Officials

Businesses are experiencing a paradigm shift in their internal and external environment. It is increasingly challenging for the salesforce, an external interface of any business, to adapt to this dynamic environment. The value which was offered to consumers before the COVID-19 might be irrelevant today. It has become increasingly necessary for businesses to reassess their offerings in the present circumstances to bring them in line with the current context. While it is exceptionally critical to protect the revenue and have adequate measures to increase it, cost-cutting across the board might not be the only solution. Focusing on getting new customers and diversifying the customer base is imperative and not a choice anymore. Nonetheless, the critical challenge remains to engage the existing customers. Rebounding from the current situation may not be possible without rejuvenating the salesforce with a holistic outlook towards marketing and sales processes.

IIM Amritsar is offering a 360-degree sales effectiveness approach for the frontline salespeople of HPCL. This fast track program aims to transform sales managers into sales leaders by helping them comprehend the business environments, customers, and competition besides honing their domain knowledge and skill-sets required to effectively and sustainably close the business deals with an added impetus on profitability over volume sales.

Executive programs at IIM Amritsar aim to help organizations to innovate by enabling their business executives to upskill themselves continuously. This training program, inaugurated on July 09, 2021, is designed not just to upgrade the selling skills but also to change the salesforce's selling behavior. The program would cover crucial modules like Achieving differentiation in commodities sales, Pathway to Sales Excellence, Dynamics of Competitive Landscape, Customer centric sales-culture, and more.  We ensure to create long-lasting performance improvements in the skills of the salesforce with our pedagogy is straightforward and bereft of complicated frameworks.