ATAL-FDP on Leadership Excellence


(AICTE Training and Learning)


Faculty Development Program


Leadership Excellence

(9th August-13th August 2021)

Leadership excellence 5-days AICTE sponsored workshop was conducted from 9th to13th August 2021, in which around 125 participants from different parts of the country participated.

Objective of the Project

The quickly changing business landscape and the need for critical talent to match up the huge demand and supply gap is a growing concern across the world. It is of paramount importance that our education system also has to gear up and prepare today’s learners to navigate such complex situations of the future. As educators we need to THRIVE to develop and deliver programs which matches the skills required for the Future of Work and exemplify the need for continuous learning and building capabilities to handle such changes.

With the New Education Policy imperative in place, it’s time that we rethink, reassess and rewire ourselves to develop and deliver programs which prepares future leaders with the flexible yet growth-oriented mindset, compassionate heart and collaborative behaviors.

Project T.H.R.I.V.E stands for creating Transformational, Humanistic, Responsible, Innovative, Value-led Educators. By creating a program just for educators, we want to ensure that the change has to start from our end to lead this mission of imparting education with highest quality, equity, and integrity. The educators have to continually grapple with high student dropouts, disengaged and fragmented learning, shifting preferences of learners and ever-changing industry standards. Hence, it is the right moment to embark upon a journey of not just surviving but THRIVING to maximize one’s potential. This program has been designed and executed by Dr. Vartika Dutta, Chairperson, Executive Education, IIM Amritsar.

The speakers for the 5-day workshop on leadership excellence were:

Prof. Amit Gupta
Prof. Divya
Prof. KG Srinivas
Prof. Mukesh Kumar
Prof. Ravi Shankar
Prof. Rupan Dhillon
Prof. Sujit Jagdale
Prof. Sweta Singh
Prof. Vartika Dutta