Digital Marketing and Analytics

Executive Certificate Program in “Digital Marketing and Analytics”

About the Program

This executive certificate program is designed to enable working managers balance their professional commitments with a desire to learn contemporary marketing proficiencies. It combines the two domains of digital marketing and marketing analytics, focusing both on the art of stimulating customer engagement and the science of extracting insights from that association. Participants are selected on the basis of a rigorous interview process and have historically exhibited rich diversity, both in terms of background education and work experience across different functional areas of management.

Objectives of the program

The contemporary business scenario presents plentiful opportunities as well as challenges. The Internet and social media present newer avenues for enhancing customer engagement and have ramifications that spread across the product, pricing, place, and promotion decisions that marketing managers engage in for new as well as existing offerings. Further, a key area unanimously seen as the forefront of these aspects is the abundance and pervasiveness of real-time data pertaining to all functional domains, including marketing and consumer behavior. Executives possessing the skills to understand the operational and paradigmatic changes demarcating the traditional and digital interfaces stand to gain from the changes currently underway. Similarly, those who are skilled in extracting, analyzing, and interpreting structured and unstructured data improve their odds of professional success.

This program intends to cultivate these proficiencies and facilitate participants on their journey of continuous learning toward professional success. It offers a platform for working executives to engage with world-class faculty and peers possessing a blend of capabilities and experiences. The intent is to enable participants to appreciate the role of technology as a stimulant to the marketing function’s goal of customer acquisition and retention. Markets have demonstrated that data analysis and interpretation are often the differentiators between successful firms and laggards. The program, thus, blends theory and hands-on practice toward facilitating participants’ learning of the critical knowledge domains of digital marketing and analytics.

Duration of the program

Four months

Program Delivery

Live classes will be scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays in Online mode. A campus immersion component is included wherein participants get an opportunity to experience academic and cultural intermingling.


A mix of lectures, assignments, cases, hands-on exercises, and analytical tools.


 Program Start Date: July 2024 (tentative)


To reach us, please contact

Mr. Rahul Vohra,
Jr. Manager, 
IIM Amritsar
0183-5040983, +91 9872998898, +91 9888344064
Prof. Swapan Deep Arora,
Program Director,
Assistant Professor, IIM Amritsar
Prof. Gurbir Singh,
Chairperson, Executive Education ,