Our Core Values

At the Indian Institute of Management – Amritsar, we believe in and embrace:

Diversity, Equity & Inclusiveness: To create and sustain an inclusive and nurturing culture that provides  opportunities and an even playing field to excel in and to treat all members of our community with respect, dignity, honour, justice and fairness regardless of race, gender, religion, creed or caste and work as a team with empathy,  compassion and understanding.

Resilience: To be a resilient, agile and adaptive institution by being creative and innovative to ignite possibilities.

Integrity: To uphold highest moral values and to act with courage by being honest and truthful, regardless of the consequences.

Excellence: To achieve excellence by being at the forefront of creating and disseminating knowledge in our disciplines benchmarked against the best world-class institutions through inquisitiveness, intellectual rigour and innovativeness.

Wisdom: To be proactive and make the right, socially conscious decisions to serve humanity for the betterment of the world.