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Sujit Raghunathrao Jagadale

Sujit Raghunathrao Jagadale Assistant Professor
Marketing Management

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Sujit Raghunathrao Jagadale is an Assistant Professor in the area of Marketing at Indian Institute of Management Amritsar. Dr. Jagadale received his Doctorate from the Institute of Rural Management Anand (IRMA). His PhD thesis focuses on the institutionalization of a complex exchange of commercial surrogacy. It is an exchange that has challenged the conventional socio-cultural norms of child-birth and family by taking it from the moral to the market economy. His interdisciplinary attempt to explore this unconventional market is rare attempt in marketing domain. Currently, he is exploring commercial surrogacy from the self-commodification and transhumanistic perspectives.

He has completed his engineering degree (BE) from the Government College of Engineering, Pune (COEP). He brings with him varied experience of working, nationally and internationally, with not-for profit and corporate organizations, and academic institutions in various capacities. His strength lies in understanding the on-field functioning (political economy) of businesses and developmental processes.

Challenged by the maxim of value neutrality of management tools and techniques, he does research on underprivileged consumers from various Indian settings (i.e. surrogates, women members of SHGs, rag-picking women, migrant labors etc.) at the intersection of the markets, marketing and society. He maintains an active line of inquiry to shape the well-being, an outcome of marketing systems, of these subsistence producer-consumers. He uses qualitative research methodologies, particularly the Grounded Theory protocol, to construct his research outcomes. His future research endeavors would concentrate on exploring constructive engagement by organizations, as a pro-social behavior, to affect better well-being of vulnerable consumers.

Thus far, he has published research papers in various international journals like Journal of Macromarketing (JMK), Journal of Consumer Affairs (JCA) and many more. He is an active member of The Macromarketing Society, an international group of scholars interested in examining the varied interactions among the markets, marketing and society. He has presented his research work in many international conferences in the area of marketing across the globe. He is an active teaching case writer. Cases written by him are published by case repositories like Ivey publishing and Sage Busies Cases (SBC). He was, under agreement, case writer for SBC. His cases focus on organizational (managerial) decision dilemmas in subsistence marketplaces. Furthermore, he peer-reviews research articles for various journals like European Journal of Marketing (EJM), Journal of Marketing Management (JMM), Journal of Macromarketing, Consumption Markets & Culture and, Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice (JMTP) to name a few. He also reviews articles for global conferences in the area of marketing.

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The pedagogical predicament of a 'marketing professor' interested in the 'real' societal issues.

The commodification of 'body' and 'degraded consumption'.


Consumption of migrant labor.

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Exploring methodological challenges in investigating life stories of subsistence women prosumers.

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