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Pariprekshya Finance & Marketing Conclave 2018

Markets today are dynamic and are exposed to disruptions and commotions. Pariprekshya'18, a dais where the industry and academia will unite with the future managers to reflect on the recent developments in the fields of finance and marketing with the surge of such disruptions. The Finance panel would discuss financial prudence and its relevance in banking and other financial services in India. The marketing panel would discuss the challenges faced by the companies in retaining the existing customers and formulating strategies to win new ones.

Finance panel theme: Financial Prudence in India- Current Scenario and Way Forward
Indian financial sector has seen exponential growth in recent times, but this growth has not been without pitfalls. The magnitude and intensity of banking frauds and NPAs are becoming major concerns. The increasing number of M&A deals in the market are creating corporate giants. Are they becoming "Too Big to Fail" or an impending problem that lurks over our economy? The future of maximizing shareholder wealth lies in creating a transparent and self-correcting system which harnesses the power of cognitive technology.

Marketing panel theme: Re- Inventing Marketing for Loyal Customers
In the turbulent sea of established and upcoming brands undergoing technological advances, it has become a tough task to retain one's ground. As they say, "there is a difference between a satisfied customer and a loyal customer and one should never settle for satisfied". This era of digitization has given a lot of challenges to companies perpetuating customer loyalty as loyal customers continuously expect exclusive treatment and much more to keep renovating their loyalties with the brands. For the competing brands, the real question to address now is, "How to make loyal customers believe that they are loyal to the best so that they don't go for the rest?"

Finance Panel
Mr. Vinay Gupta
IDeutsche Bank
Mr. Salil Garg
Fitch Ratings
Mr. Trivikram Kamath
EVP & Head, Operations,
Finance & Technology
Kotak Securities Limited
Mr. Krishna Ramachandran
Global Head, R2R & Lead, RPA
Mr. Rahul Bothra
Marketing Panel
Mr. Soumonath Chatterjee
Director, Loyalty,
Guest Experience & Distribution
Accor Group of Hotels
Mr. Inderpreet Singh Sethi
Head, Marketing
BMW India
Mr. Umesh Rao
DHFL Pramerica Life
Insurance Ltd.
Mr. Abhay Kumar
Group CMO
Reliance Capital
Mr. Satyarth Priyedarshi
Head, Product Marketing
Reliance Jio Chat
Mr. Saurabh Srivastava
Independent Consultant